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"Water is the Elixir of Life." As Orbital is aware of the importance and complexities of conserving the blue planet suitable for life, we started this division for being active in the forefront to develop and maintain water treatment facilities in Oman as well as other regions in GCC. Orbital has formed partnership with many companies in the water treatment technologies like AES Arabia, Veolia Water, Bauer Nimr, Aqautec, Cadagua to jointly execute STPs, RO plants and Desalination plants. Orbital resources are people with proven track record in design engineering, erection and commissioning of STPs like extended aeration, MBR and MBBR. We are constantly in search for new technologies to adapt in the Oman market. Orbital is able to provide a one-stop solution for all requirements in water treatment including Operations and Maintenance contracts. Construction of 1500 m3 STPs in Fahud and Qarn Alam of PDO operational areas are testimonial. 3 year contract with Petroleum Development for Operation and Maintenance of their 31 STPs and contract with PTTEP Middle East for the Operation, Maintenance and upgrades of STPs showcase our expertise, quality and reliability of services.

Water Division is also renowned for its expertise in installation of bolted tanks in GFS (Glass fused steel), Epoxy and GI (Galvanised Iron). Orbital is maintaining a trained crew of more than 40 people for the erection and commissioning of bolted tank systems. These tanks are quicker in installation and have a design life of 20+ years. GFS tanks are primarily used for potable water, treated water and in process tanks of STPs and RO Plants. Epoxy coated tanks and GI tanks are used in Fire water storage and many varieties of applications. Orbital represents CST from USA who are an approved manufacturer for all the above mentioned tanks. We have successfully completed installation of more than 50 bolted tanks in Oman. The clientele is spread across various segments like Oil and Gas, Refineries, Water and Wastewater Operating companies, Electricity Distribution and Generation companies, Mining and Metal Processing companies, etc.

Our prestigious customers in this segment are Petroleum Development Oman, ORPIC, Daleel Petroleum, Oman Oil exploration and Production, British Petroleum, Haya water to name a few. We also provide predictive and preventive maintenance services for the tanks to enhance the life of these tanks. A new area of our operation is the absolutely portable Frac tanks used by drilling and rig services contractors.

  • Design, construction of STP Plants-Extended Aeration, MBR and MBBR
  • Design Construction and Commissioning of RO Plants
  • O&M Contracts for Water and waste water Plants
  • GFS/Epoxy and GI Bolted Tanks & GRP Panel tanks Installation and Maintenance Services
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